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Rolling Mills

Cold Rolling Mill Equipment

Cold Rolling Mill Equipment

Hertz Controls (India) Pvt. Ltd. is introducing our new Product Cold Rolling Mill. The Cold Rolling Mills are used for reducing the thickness of sheet/ strip/ coils of various metals to the desired thickness and to improve various properties like surface finish, strength, thickness tolerances and achieving required hardness like full hard, half hard, quarter hard etc. Normally, these mills are made in 4Hi, 2Hi and 6Hi configurations The machines are designed in compliance with advanced technological standards in order to achieve better formability, finish, precise dimensions and strength of the material. Various parts of the mill like the Rolls, Housings, Gear Box, Screw Down and drive system are matched properly to give optimum performance with minimal down time in maintenance and repairs. In reversing cold mills the tension reels are placed on both ends of a single- or two-mill-stand arrangement. Due to the reversing rolling passes, production efficiency is lower than that of a tandem mill. However, because the rolling parameters can be quickly changed for each coil, reversing cold mills are especially suitable for the small-lot production of various product types. The size of the mill equipment is also smaller, which allows easier access to mill equipment and machinery for maintenance purposes. Due to their simpler design, reversing mills can be more easily stopped and restarted. They are also less expensive to purchase and operate.

Skin-Pass Mill

Skin-Pass Mill

  • The advantages of skin-pass mills (also known as temper mills) from Hertz Controls India Pvt. Ltd. include full compliance with tight strip elongation tolerances; excellent flatness performance; high surface quality with respect to roughness, peak count and low residuals; and the availability of wet and dry skin-passing modes. Hertz Controls( India )Pvt. Ltd. supplies stand-alone and inline skin-pass mills in either single- or two-stand design for adjusting the final mechanical properties, flatness and surface finish of cold-rolled strip. Due to its higher rolling forces, the 6 high UCM-Mill is the preferred skin-pass mill solution to meet the

    Continually increasing demands placed on strip flatness, elongation and roughness, especially for hard-material grades

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